Victory is on
the Horizon
Remember, you are the most
important person in
your recovery.
Recover in our renovated
Waterfront Resort that offers
35 rooms for our Inpatient
Residential Rrogram.
Our Family
Successful recovery is not
just about healing the client,
but also healing loved ones
and the family bonds.
Proven Path
to Recovery
Part of our success is due
to our counselors and staff
in helping patients transition
to a life free from addiction.
Group counseling sessions,
and education groups are
available as well.
Charting A
New Course,
Free From
Addiction Treatment - Free by the Sea
Addiction Treatment - Free by the Sea
overcoming addiction
Addiction Treatment Oregon
Addiction Treatment - Free by the Sea
Addiction Treatment Washington
Recovery Treatment Center Washington and Oregon

Oregon & Washington
Drug and Alcohol Recovery Treatment Center

At Free by the Sea, we offer an inpatient residential treatment program for drug and alcohol addiction. Through our many years of experience treating addictions, we know the best way to ensure successful treatment outcomes is by removing the client from the people, places, and things associated with their addictions. By reducing these distractions, we are able to give our clients the opportunity to fully engage in the treatment process and learn the coping skills they will need to begin a new life free from addiction.

  • Our beautiful five-acre campus on the Washington coast offers a secluded and serene healing environment that inspires growth and helps patients discover new possibilities for life after addiction.
  • Our dedicated and compassionate staff is committed to providing patients the highest quality, evidence-based drug and alcohol treatment services, delivered with compassion, respect, and understanding.
  • Our programs are based on three decades of experience with the most proven and established approaches for helping alcoholics and addicts recover that focus on integrated healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Our approaches are designed to offer everyone suffering from drug or alcohol addiction the opportunity to experience a defining moment of awakening and discover the change that can continue for a lifetime.