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Deciding to commit to a rehab program is often the first step towards a successful recovery. Whether it’s for you or someone you care about, choosing the right treatment program can be confusing, even overwhelming.

When you begin looking for a treatment facility in which you can place your trust, keep in mind it’s important to your recovery that you feel safe and comfortable throughout the length of your stay.

After all, you’ll be stepping into a potential long-term relationship with the doctors, the staff and the facility itself. It’s imperative you feel comfortable with the staff and trust in their ability to care for and support you during this stressful time in your life.

Here are the top five questions and a few bonus questions you can ask that may help you determine if a particular facility is the right rehabilitation treatment center for you.

What Kind of Treatments are Provided?

You’ll first want to know what kind of help you or your loved one needs. Different facilities may have certain treatment modalities they specialize in; you just need to make sure the facility you’re considering offers the type of treatment you’re seeking.

You may want to ask about the type of detox program they offer, and if there are several, the pros and cons of each one. Many times, detoxing is the first treatment in the healing process, and the success or failure of the detox treatment can set the stage for the duration of the recovery process.

What Professionals Do You Have on Staff?

A number of rehab programs use peer-to-peer support, which is important and can be very effective as far as moral support, but you want to make sure it will be professionals actually carrying out the treatments. Don’t be afraid to ask about the education, experience and credentials of the staff members.

What Aftercare Support is Offered?

As you might imagine, recovery isn’t over just because the treatment period has ended. It’s important a robust aftercare support system is in place, to keep the risk of relapse to a minimum.

How far does the facility go in terms of helping you or your loved one transition back into normal life? Are there opportunities for group counseling or individualized sessions following completion of the treatment program?

What Credentials Does the Facility Offer?

Ask if the facility is licensed and accredited, particularly national accreditation, since state licensing varies from state to state. Find out if the staff is licensed and certified in their positions and what level of experience they have.

Are the Treatments Gender Specific?

Does the facility separate men and women? This can be important because men and women differ in the way they recover from addictions. Research suggests the best recovery results are obtained when men and women are separated throughout the treatment program.

Bonus Questions

What help, if any, is available for family members?

What kind of environment does the facility have?

Are there any measures in place to address medical, spiritual, psychological, social or other issues the patient may have?

What payment options are available? What insurance companies does the facility accept?

How long does the treatment program last?

What is the staff to patient ratio?

The Final Decision

You may have additional questions of your own that are more specific to your unique situation and are not covered here. The questions listed here are intended as a guideline, and hopefully, you’ll find them helpful.

But ultimately it will be up to you to make the important decision of where you or your loved one begins the journey to recovery and the freedom of an addiction-free life.

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