Alcohol Withdrawal in Washington State

Just as no two addictions are identical, also no two withdrawals are the same. Some individuals who abuse alcohol may find themselves able to quit drinking with no major side effects while others might actually face life-threatening medical problems. In most situations, the longer a person drinks and the more severe their addiction is, the more likely they are to experience severe side effects. Anyone in the State of Washington, who has recently stopped drinking and feels as if they are experiencing withdrawal symptoms, should immediately contact Free by the Sea for essential rehabilitation services. 

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What Is Alcohol Withdrawal?

After consuming large amounts of alcohol for a long period of time, the body will go into a state of shock when there is no alcohol in one’s system. As more and more alcohol is consumed, a person will begin to build a tolerance to the chemicals and eventually become dependent on alcohol to function normally. The withdrawal symptoms are actually the result of the nervous system attempting to compensate for the lack of alcohol.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Anyone who is physically addicted to alcohol will generally show signs of withdrawal around six to 24 hours after their last drink. These symptoms can last for seven to ten days.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms may include the following:

  • Hand tremors
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Vomiting
  • Insomnia
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures
  • Autonomic instability

The longer the person has been abusing alcohol, the stronger these withdrawal symptoms will become. It is important for everyone to remember that there are no two withdrawals that will be alike, and everything from one’s genetics to previous attempts at detoxing will affect how violent the side effects will be. For the most advanced addictions, withdrawal symptoms may manifest themselves in as little as two hours and could be life-threatening. These are just some of the reasons that medical professionals must be nearby throughout this period.

Why Choose Free by the Sea

  • Dual diagnosis services in the State of Washington
  • Psychologist and psychiatrist on staff
  • Long-term transitory living
  • Men and women in separate buildings
  • Eating, activities, and classes are all gender-specific

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An addiction to alcohol will not only impact your own life, but it will also begin to hurt all those around you. When left untreated, an addiction will almost always win. If you are ready to recreate a sober and healthy life, then please call Free by the Sea today at 800-272-9199 for more information.

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