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Addiction Treatment Programs in Washington StateDuring treatment, you’re bound to hear someone say that once someone is an addict, they are always an addict. But, does this mean every individual struggling with addiction will never fully gain recovery? While the saying holds true, it’s not something that should put you off from seeing the help you deserve. Nor does it mean that recovery is futile for those who live in active addiction. Rather, it’s a saying that intends to motivate individuals to continue with recovery efforts and prevent relapse.

Looking at Underlying Causes of Addiction

Some people believe that individuals who have a genetic predisposition to addiction are more likely to return to drug or alcohol use after treatment. However, while genetics may have something to do with underlying causes of addiction, they don’t necessarily mean that a person is unable to gain lasting sobriety. Alternatively, most people believe that addiction is motivated by outside factors such as relationships, experienced trauma, chronic pain, etc. In either case, whether addiction is brought on by genetic or social factors, individuals can and do obtain sobriety.

An Addict After Obtaining Sobriety

No matter the underlying causes, an individual can obtain sobriety. However, just because someone does enter a life of sobriety, it doesn’t mean they are in the clear as far as relapse. Without using learned coping skills, implementing healthy habits, and changing self-harming mindsets, an individual will be susceptible to relapse. So, in other words, they are still and will always be at risk for reverting back to addictive behaviors.

Committing to a Lifestyle of Recovery

Because someone who has experienced a life of addiction is always at risk for relapsing, they are continually referred to as “addicts”. While the risk of relapse for any recovering addict is always there, with time and effort, this risk is greatly reduced. So, don’t despair in your journey of establishing recovery. Instead, prepare yourself for a lifetime of commitment to obtaining lasting health and sobriety.

Become a Recovering Addict

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