Addiction and Premature Aging

 For those suffering from a drug problem, premature aging can be a real concern. Addictions do not allow a person to stop using without help, even when watching their body deteriorate. Drugs cause significant stress on the body and affect…

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The Blame Game

People suffering from addictions often blame others for their troubles. Addicts find it easy to ignore responsibility for their actions and avoid confronting the challenges associated with admitting and recovering from their addiction. One thing addiction experts know for sure…

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What is Crystal Meth and Why is it so Dangerous?

Crystal meth and other methamphetamines are extremely addictive and dangerous to one’s overall health, but what about this drug makes it so dangerous? What is crystal meth? Crystal meth is a white, crystalline drug that people ingest by snorting, injecting,…

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Prescription Drug Addiction: What Is It?

Many men and women take prescription drugs as prescribed by a doctor, but for some, a simple prescription becomes an addiction. Prescription drugs are extremely addictive and with the right (wrong) conditions, could leave a person seriously injured or dead….

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Opioid Addiction – The Harmful Effects of This Prevalent Drug

Nearly 5 million individuals in the United States are dependent on Opioids, and consequently, there are over 17,000 opioid-related deaths annually. With those numbers in mind, it is likely you or a loved one suffers from opioid addiction. Opioids are…

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The Dangers of Drug Addiction

Drug abuse and addiction takes over every aspect of a person’s life – their body, their emotions, their relationships, and their future. Eventually, if a person does not get sober, drug addiction will take their life. Emotional Effects of Addiction…

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