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Insurance Verification

Let your journey of recovery start now!

We provide a no cost/no commitment verification of your insurance.

Verifying your insurance is fast and worry-free:

  1. Fill in all required fields
  2. Add any additional information on the bottom in the “Comments” section
  3. Click Submit
  4. Within minutes one of our Admissions Specialists will call you to confirm receipt of the information
  5. During this call, our staff will gather more information about the potential clients’ situation and need for treatment
  6. As the phone call is taking place, our team is verifying your insurance benefits and generating a quote
  7. Typically, we will have an answer on insurance benefits in less than 2 hours
  8. If there is insurance coverage and the client is deemed appropriate, we can admit them same day in most cases

Access to quality treatment in hours, not days!!

Insurance Verification